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Music and My Spirituality
Honestly, it is hard for me to remember exactly when music became such an important part of my life because as far back as I remember it has always been in my life. I don’t remember a day going by ever that I haven’t listened to music. I guess in everyone’s life a certain piece of music affects you more in one stage of your life than in another, mostly because I always relate to a piece of music with what is going on most recently in my life. So, I believe this is why the song that I chose to analyze is titled “Best for Last” by Adele(Adele. “Best for Last”). Lately, this is the one song that is all I have been listening to and can relate to this piece of music more than any other. I have finally met that one person whom I would do anything for, I have fallen head over heels for him. This is the first time I have ever fallen in love. I was the one that always ended a relationship and never took them seriously. But, this time is different and it has opened up an entirely new world for me. He has given me such immense joy but at the same time has caused me agony beyond words. It is during those times of unhappiness that the only true way that I find release is through music. The music and lyrics from this song have provided me with inspiration, support and at times a reason to break down and cry. I will explain more about how this particular song has influenced my mood, inner being and my emotional sense.
The lyrics in music have always been the reason why I am drawn to a particular song – if it touches me in a special way then I am much more apt to like the song. As I said, as far as I can remember music has always been a part of my life. My parents said that the moment I could stand on my own two feet that every time a song would play on the radio or television that I would just start to dance. I believe that is why my mother enrolled me in dance when I was three, that and to gain a little additional coordination. I am nineteen now so I have been dancing and listening to music as a form of art and expression for the past sixteen years of my life. So, music isn’t just a part of my spirituality – it is my spirituality. I can honestly say that having music and dance in my life has led me to become the person I am today. To dance, you have to be able to feel the music, the beat and the rhythm and relate to it at a certain level in order to express the music through dance to an audience. I never had to think about the steps when I dance, I just listen to the music and the motions and the rhythm flow through my body, overtaking everything else – there is no thought involved. It truly is an uplifting and emotional experience to be able to let the music carry you away from yourself. “Best for Last” by Adele is one of the best examples of a piece of music that touches me emotionally and physically, much like an artist does when he is expressing himself with a painting.
The lyrics are the most important part of the song because they set the mood of the music. The beginning of my song is rather sad and when I listen to her words they can seem hopeless: “I’m taking these chances and getting nowhere. “And though I’m trying my hardest you go back to her.”(Adele. “Best for Last”). These lyrics touch my heart and my soul and I can feel what she is feeling because I have been through the same thing with him. As, I am sure that anyone who has ever experienced true love before can also relate to the same emotional connection. Although, the chorus says that the betrayal doesn’t mean anything to the character in the song during the following lines: “You should know that you’re just a temporary fix. This is not routine with you it don’t mean that much to me” (Adele. “Best for Last”). It is very clear that the character of the song is lying to herself or the person she is in love with to cover up her true hurt feelings, hidden thoughts and broken heart. She doesn’t want him to know how much pain he has