Music and Singing Joyfully Essay

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Corey Abrams
Renaissance Era
The Cricket vs Sing Joyfully

The two works being compared and contrast will be The Cricket and Sing Joyfully.
The two are polyphonic meaning multiples voices are singing together. In “Singing Joyfully”, there are six voices coming together singing creating a whole. Each voice can be separated by its range. The cappela choral music creates a texture by those specific range being sung together. “The Cricket” has a polyphonic vibe also due to four distinct voices singing together. There are different range present. One can tell the different registers of the human voice that are present. This also helps to create a beautiful harmony. No one voice is prominent than another. “Singing Joyfully” has a full harmony due to the cadence that is present. The elided presence comes from one line being sung and not completed before another line is introduce. This can sound very refreshing, but over the top because the words can get lost and confusing for the audience. The melody evolves in “The Cricket” unlike “singing joyfully”. I’m not certain as to if a melody exist in “Singing Joyfully”. The timbre of “The Cricket” is playful contrasting “Singing Joyfully” more sober vibe. The word music relationship is present with “The Cricket” in the verse of the “longo verso”. The emphasis on that verse is hilarious because it appears that the sound of the cricket is being imitated. Part of the line “to skip”, “to trip” shows the word music relationship in the