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| |ED Music Technology Year 1 |
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| |Unit 39 - The Sound and Music Industry |
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|Brief Title: |Task 1 - The music industry |
|Duration: |3 sessions |
|Launch Date: |Thursday 10th January 2013 |
|Last session date: |Thursday 24th January 2013 |
|Assessment date: |Thursday 31st January 2013 |
|The brief: |
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|In this task you are to take the role of a music journalist writing an article about the main areas of the music |
|industry. |
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|The music industry can be split into four main sub-industries: Live performance, record labels, music publishing and |
|artist management. Each area plays its own part in generating revenue for the industry as a whole. |
|As a budding music professional it is vital to know how each of these main areas of the industry function and interact |
|with one another. A lot of professionals operating within the music industry often have several sources of income from |
|different jobs in the music industry (e.g. part time producer and part time live sound engineer). They will therefore |
|need to have knowledge of the each part of the music industry as opposed to specialising in one. |
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|When writing and researching this article, try to pay particular attention to how the industries may interact with one |
|another. For example what dealings with record companies might and artist manager have? Why might it be useful for an A&R|
|from a record label to have a good working knowledge of how a live gig works? |
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|Write an article that describes/ explains/comments critically on the areas of the music industry including: |
| |
|Live performance (Promoting live performances, setting up for a performance, health and safety, tour/event management, |
|retailing, tickets; backstage; front of house; performing rights) |
|Record Labels (Majors and independents, finding and signing artists, acts and material, recording studios, retail, |