Music and Ware family Recital Essay

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Anna Kislitsyna performed on the piano at Ware Family Recital Hall in the Swope Music Building on Wednesday February 19th at 1:30pm. It was a performance full of talent and emotion you could hardly believe your ears! There was not a huge audience for the concert most likely because it was in the afternoon when most students are in their classes. But the audience that did attend was a handful of students and one music teacher. Everyone was very nice and polite throughout Anna’s performance. Also, everyone was mostly casually dressed since it was the afternoon and not an evening recital. One part that I really enjoyed during the concert recital was how Anna showed a great deal of emotion when she performed. Her fingers were hitting the keys with such precise movement and her facial expressions matched the intensity of the piece she was playing perfectly. You could just really tell that she was thoroughly feeling the music in every aspect. I didn’t necessarily dislike any part of the performance but one thing that did bug me a little was how many breaks there were throughout the performance. I think one intermission was all that was necessary. I felt like it kept dragging on especially near the end since there was a constant start and stop motion. Since there was more than one break I never knew when to clap because I was not sure if it was the end or not. One thing that I did not expect to see was a great deal of variety in musical pieces performed on the piano. Anna started playing pieces from the late 1600’s and ended with a piece from 1992 which I thought was really interesting because I never realized how far back classical music on the piano first came about. So it was nice to hear a wide range of pieces from different centuries. I definitely have more of an appreciation for pianists and classical music. One piece during Anna’s performance that I really enjoyed was when she played a contemplation of the prophets, the shepherds and the Magi by Oliver Messiaen. There were many memorable parts to this piece. It started out slow and had a sort of soothing sound to it and then got a little louder on the keys almost sounding triumphant and miraculous. She used the foot pedal on the piano to add an echoing effect to the keys so at the end of a piece it sounded as if the note was on going or never ending. During this performance, Anna seemed to