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Roxy Martinez
Music History
5th period

OneRepublic Concert
On August 26, 2014, OneRepublic performed a Concert at the Gexa Energy Pavilion located in Dallas, Tx. The concert was presented by Malibu Rub and it was part of the Native
Summer Tour. Being a huge fan and having them be one of my favorite bands, I was more than thrilled when I got the news I was going to see them play live. Although many songs were part of their “
” album, other all time favorites along with other songs from popular artists were played as well.
Having it be my first time being at the Gexa, It was astonishing how wild and exciting the atmosphere was. From flashing colorful lights to a sound­blasting crowd and speakers, the ambience was amazing. Not to forget that since the band was pop­rock, it definitely livened and hyped up all of the people that assisted the concert.
Even at the beginning you could tell it was going to be incredible because of all the harmonizing that was involved in the first song “Don’t Look Down”; as well as all the varieties of instruments and homophony. One of the best and favorite performances was when lead singer
Ryan Tedder sang an acoustic cover of Sam Smith’s “
Stay with me”
His raspy vocals made the song even more dramatic and very allegro. Even though the concert was not an opera, the song reminded me of an Aria because of all of the emotion and drama that was inserted. Ryan’s ability to play the piano was extreme because it was as if everything stopped and everyone was just focused on him. Towards the end of the concert, Zach Filkins one of the group members,

performed a solo of “Spanish Guitar Medley”. His astonishing guitar skills definitely made the song sound very romantic and it gave a spanish/european texture to it. Considering that the guitar was the only instrument playing, the performer did an excellent job captivating the audience with his fast and