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Tyler Hall
Music 100
Live Performance Paper
Rhythm Rangers On Monday April 8th 2013 I attended the Rhythm Rangers concert at ECTC campus. This group is the brass band from the military. Hence the names Rangers in their title, the group of 8 are all U.S Army Rangers. It took place in room 112 of the admissions office and was put on by one of the directors of music on the campus. It started at noon and lasted one hour, with an audience of around 50-60 people. The Rhythm Rangers played a few modern pop songs from this century but also played many blues songs from the last century. The band had two horns, two saxophones, drums, two trombones, and one tuba. The tone was set more in a tenor form; it was mostly low heavy sounding music. The stage setting was in a horrible place that didn’t give the band justice. It was held in an open class room, with concrete walls. They all wore their ACU’s and was in full uniform for their performance. It was an open concert to the public and was free. I really enjoyed the performance of each soldier, they were all in sync and seemed like they have been playing together for some time. There wasn’t a lapse, and most importantly to me they didn’t seem to miss notes and get behind. The group kept the same pace and played songs that the crowd would enjoy. They played rolling in the deep by Adele, and poker face by Lady Gaga. My favorite performer was the sargent that played the tenor saxophone because he had a few solos in some of the songs and seemed to really get into it and it made a difference wither or not the crowd would. Another part of the performance that I really enjoyed was the choice of music they played, although they played music from this century and last, they tried to play songs that much of the crowd would recognize. The main thing that I didn’t enjoy about the show is that it was mostly just the music without the singing. When I listen to music I always enjoy the lyrics, they did try to sing some but it just wasn’t the same because 8 people trying to sing the same