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This advertisement is for Victoria’s Secret’s tunic, leggings and boots. It can be found in Victoria’s Secret, Fall 2013. This magazine appeals to young women who are seeking the latest fashion and beauty trends. The advertisement focuses on a women dressed in an edgy outfit and casting an invincible look. There is a slogan entitled, “A Little Tough Love.” All letters are capital while the last two words are significantly larger than the first two words. Various image details and words suggest that the advertisement is promoting a specific outfit that makes a women appear to be tough. The advertisement’s main focus is the women. She tip-toe’s on one foot and raises her other leg at an adjacent angle. This self-elevation prompts her to rise higher than everyone else. Her stance implies the inner confidence that she holds. Even though she is in an unstable position, her straight back posture indicates stability. Elevation occurs again as the she raises her chin. The heightened chin seems to bring about an invincible attitude. This makes her appear as cocky and self-centered. A slogan is written across the page stating, “A Little Tough Love.” The Slogan is expounded on by stating, “We all have a slight rebellious side…” The first two words, “a little” are written in a small font while “tough love” is magnified at a larger font. The word “tough” is emphasized in a yellow color while the other words are colored white. Because the words “a little” are written in a decreased font, this indicates the lesser significance as readers attention are directed towards “tough love.” Tough love is defined as treating someone in cold manner and intending it to serve them good in the long run. The slogan seems to suggest that a women should have a stubborn or harsh side to her. It is noticeable that her hairstyle is rather messy, covering one eye. It can be seen that a messy hairstyle indicates the lack of proper grooming. She attempts to be tough by doing her own thing and deviating from rules. By covering one eye, she indicates that she is hiding. This