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The trend that I will follow is the “Do It Yourself” method, which is a successful model that can be mirrored, but I will add my own uniqueness and individuality too. Artists really need to stick with the DIY method so they will not be taken advantage of and used for what money they can bring to the label.

The DIY method is important because it allows the artist to be independent and become successful on their own. I feel that anyone who does the DIY method will become successful if they work hard, are dedicated, and really go the extra mile to accomplish their goals.

I am clear on what I do not want to follow and I will always be adjusting to the current trends that others are gravitating to what is presently successful. A trend is exactly that, they come and go. I will mirror a successful plan and sell myself. I will not be a success unless I can convey to my clients how they need to have a positive attitude. I will give honest and constructive criticism to improve the artist or project. I will teach my clients that they also need to have a positive attitude, be open minded, willing to learn and make improvements in their attitude and performance. I can only succeed if my clients succeed.

I am also doing the DIY method as a manager. I am out searching for clients, I am out promoting myself, I have started my own management firm, I am simply being me, and because I am doing the DIY method, I think I will be a better Manager and be able to understand my clients better and help them succeed.

I will incorporate the successful trends in the list of task that I need to accomplish to reach my goals. I will continue to seek out