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Battle of the Bands, a Salisbury Event: Communication through Music This past weekend it was homecoming here at Salisbury University, so for the lead up to the weekend the Seagulls have planned themed days and events all throughout the week to get us in our SU Spirit. One of the events was Battle of the Bands, held on Thursday, October 11th outside of Seagull Square. It’s an opportunity for young bands and musicians to come out and play for fifteen minutes whatever they want for the crowd and then at the end of the night they announce the winner and runner up. The event was free so anyone interested could come out and support our brave Seagulls. I attended this even not only because it was for our homecoming week but also because I have a very big spot in my life for music. Not to mention my new friends from the Nanticoke family and my boyfriend were participating. There we so many diverse bands and music playing that night. There was a band of all family members, a rapper, a few soloists, one was even kind of a comedian, and our RA Brendan even played with his band. One guy sang two songs that were a little depressing and slow but that’s the kind of music he likes. The other soloist, the comedian one, played Aaron Carter’s “House Party” and Brittney Spears’s “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” They were both throwback songs but he put his own twist on them that made it more current to the popular music they play now. What I’m starting to get at is that there are a lot of different ways and forms of communication. In this situation music is one of them. Each of these bands used their own spin on music to communicate with the audience out there that night. I think it is important for people to share their thoughts and feelings and communicate in a way that works for them. And in this case it is through music. That’s what music is made of, that’s what songs are. It’s people thoughts and ways of expressing their points. Some of the bands may have played personally written original songs but some of them also did covers o songs. That there is a form of communication. You learn what type of music they like and if you listen to the lyrics in most cases they’re playing those lyrics for a reason, because they mean something to them. Or maybe some of them just wanted to get the audience’s attention, that’s communicating too. Another way that music has to do with communicating it the different instruments have to communicate with each other to form together and make one big sound. The members of the band need to communicate with each other as well. It’s important that they understand one another otherwise the band and the music won’t mix and it won’t work out. You hear of bands breaking up all the time. It is a form of miscommunicating. They fall out of it and they split up. My article is about how music and social interaction are used to improve interpersonal communication among children aged 4-6. Even though the article isn’t current t the age group I am talking about, it has a lot of information and insight to go along with how music is a form of communication. To sum up their experiment they used music to see whether or not it would increase the participation of the children and when it did increase they indicated that music has the potential for improving interpersonal communication. Not only does music help express how you feel and what you want to say but it also helps with listening.