Essay about Music: Debut Albums and Good Music

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Our Own True Rhythm
My Uses of Music and Radio

Our Own True Rhythm Music is more the just a sound or noise. One song, by itself, can resurrect a memory that brings back a time, place, and emotion. For everyone its a different representation. If I was to ask you, what song reminds you of last summer? I be my money you could easily name one song or even remember the tune as you slowly hum it in your mind. Also, a glimpse flicker in your mind evolves as what you were hearing the song played from at that time. Was it the new school MP3 players or the good ole fashion radio? “All good music resembles something. Good music stirs by its mysterious resemblance to the objects and feelings which motivated it.” In this quote by Jean Cocteau, he inherits the belief that “good music” comes from something deep inside your heart, from a real life experience. It captures real emotion and real life experiences in song. In my opinion music from artist in the past has a stronger lyrical output of emotion, than the present artist now have. To visual this better think of The Temptations and their beautiful song, “I wish it would rain.” (The Temptations, 1968). Take the song and compare it to any new pop stars and in my opinion it doesn’t even compare. In my believe there are only few artist today that I consider true artist/songwriters. To try describing all of what music represents for me and how I use it written out on paper, would take my entire life to finish.