Music: Elvis Presley and Willie Dixon Essay

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1) All I have to do is dream Everly Brothers; rockabilly-more socially acceptable to most parents; Felice and Boudleaux Bryant—songwriters; their first big song; AABA; Chet Atkins on guitar; recorded in Nashville as a country song but it crossed over

2) Blue Suede Shoes Written by Carl Perkins in 1955; line suggested by Johnny Cash; Sun recording, Jan. 1, 1956; flip side was “Honey Don’t”; Blue crossed over to R and B charts; bad car accident on way to Perry Como Show; 1st country song to cross over to R and B and pop charts; Elvis recorded it in tribute to Carl; released on album Elvis Presley for RCA
Stop time, in the form of the blues
Was a songwriter

3) Blueberry Hill Fats Domino, cover song from 1940s, Domino from New Orleans Original sung by Gene Autry, from 1941

4) Can the Circle Be Unbroken Carter family, hymn by Ada Habershon and Charles Gabriel, mourning for mother; they made the song famous; song was used a lot in gospel.

5) Heartbreak Hotel Elvis; RCA Records, #1 song; based on a man who committed suicide; Chet Atkins plays on it with Moore, Black, and Fontana; Floyd Cramer on piano; blues progression; 8 bars. Simple Verse form; Atkins-early solo, very simple “rock” Style

6) Hey Good Lookin’; Hank Williams, C and W; 1951, adapted from a Cole Porter song

7) Honey Hush, Big Joe Turner, May 1953, number one on R and B charts, from KC blues scene; most R and B songs have a Saxophone solo to them; most are 12 bar blues songs, at a peppier pace.

8) Over the Rainbow, sung by Judy Garland; music by Harold Arlen, and lyrics by E.Y. Harburg, for movie Wizard of OZ. AABA

9) Rock and Roll Music; Chess Records, written by Berry, recorded in May of 1957; Willie Dixon plays bass; covered by the Beatles (listen to bass part for Afro-Cuban rhythm)

10) Searchin’ by the Coasters; written by Mike Stoller (composer) and Jerry Leiber (lyricist; died in 2011) (met in LA in 1950; wrote R and B songs together; Spark Records in 1953==Coasters, spin off