Music: Emotion and Song Essay

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People have used music throughout the history to express their emotions. Music has evolved a lot from Elton John and Red Hot Chili Peppers to Britney Spears and Chris Brown. Every day we see how new bits, rhythms and effects are being incorporated into songs, but overall music still being the same; still being that identity that sometime we look for when we want to escape from reality, when we want to be transported to a different world where nothing mattes and its only your imagination. The lyrics of a tune can create the perfect world, where the body feels free to move and express all the information that is bouncing through the body. All the feelings and energy that an artist can transmit through music is almost like magic, it can affect our mood and change the perspective of an action. All this fusion of elements since its birth has being a great way of expression. Although, not all the people can use it as their way of expression, some people are born with this ability or with this form of art.
When I am listening to a song, I like to think about what the writer or creator of the song was thinking when he/she made it. Songs can affect the mood of a people, so that led me to question if the mood of the person or artist that created the song was the same that I am having when I listen to the song. One can ask, is it possible to transmit emotions trough songs? According to Elton John in an interview given to Rolling Stone said “I want people to fall in love when they listen to my music. I want to transmit emotion through my hands. I want to make everyone feel the same way I do when they hear these gorgeous, golden waves”. Music is made from inspiration and mix of emotions that can only be transmitted by a combination of instrument, sounds and voices. Some times an artist does not have to say a word to express a felling, the notes of a piano, the tune of a guitar, the happiness of a violin can describe innumerous amounts of feelings. When we hear a song and we receive and understand the identity that comes with it, the song can go through our ears directly to our heart and exploit with the emotions that the artist wants us to feel. That identity of a song is what makes a song our favorite song; finding something that can express what a person is going through in a specific moment is the identity. In other words, when a person is happy or sad and is trying to find a song in their music device, he/she can go thought hundreds of song, but when he/she find the song that he/she can identify with, it is like finding an identity, it is like finding the words that he/she couldn’t manifest. Music can influence someone’s felling and mood; it can change the prospective of a moment, and can change the prospective of life.
Sometimes after something good or bad happens we feel like finding a song that reflect our mood maybe it’s being a fantastic day and all we feel is like hearing is music that can pump us up like Rock, electronic, hip hop, etc., music that can give us that sensation of excitement. I can agree with the fact that music influences our mood and personality. The lyric of a song can influence people to do thing that in some cases are not totally appropriate. According to The New York Times, Teenagers listen to an average of nearly 4 hours of music per day, and two out of every five songs contains explicit references to drug or alcohol use. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh said that 77 percent of Rap songs contain drug and alcohol message. This is contributing to create a generation of more illegal substances users. But not all the music is negative, studies show that in the alternative medicine music therapy is helping people with depression and other diseases. Our body reacts well to music when it is used properly. In a personal experience, when I am working out, if I listen to a song that is slow and calm it is really hard to concentrate on my work out. I like listening to songs that give me more of