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Franchely Vidales


April 29, 2013

What are the effects of consume drugs?

It is true what people say, if you consume drugs you will die sonn? No always have to be like this, but are many ways that can be true. This are three different effects of consume drugs; Diseases, addiction and loneliness.

The most big ploblem of consume drugs is to get addictive and get to the point to cannot stop yourself. This are some common ways to begin to consume drugs; First, the curiosity to know how is the feeling or what chage while you are consuming hallucinogens products. Second, the friends when you meet some people that looks cool or you think they are fun but, they just encourage to star consuming drugs. The third one, felling when you have problems or you see that everything goes wrong, then it is when you are looking for something to make you happy and start taking the wrong decisions thinking that is the best for you.

After a while to be using drugs is when the dieseases come littly by little; sometimes without you noticing but, until you cannot recover it. Are many differents diseases and several can attack you at the same time but, not only diseases you cen get indections too; caused by the use of infected items such as syringes. This are some diseases and feelings that can happend you, heart infections, insomnia, hepatitis, circulatory insufficiency, overdose death etc.

The loneliness to become the most