Music: Guys and Dolls and Nathan Detroit Essay

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This live event was definitely something new for me. I went to the performance of Guys and Dolls at Kirkwood Community College. I have never been to a theatrical performance that wasn’t put on by high school students. Usually when I go to a high school play I leave just thinking to myself why did I waste my time, when I left this play I was thinking to myself I wonder what the next play is because I can’t wait to go and see what will be new. The play was about a gambling game called “craps”, people in the missionary and the relationship between men and women. The gambling that they were trying to do was illegal, so they were trying to find a place where no one would know what they were doing. The main conflict when dating came around was the two women fell in love with two gamblers, Sky Masterson, and Nathan Detroit, they wished that they could just change them from who they really are. This play was definitely a comedy because it involved slapstick comedy, comic characters, the main reason that this is a comedy is that it focused on everyday people through behavior and relationships, and it also had a happy ending. The play started out showing the different people of New York. There was a newspaper stand with a worker, a drunk guy walking around drinking, ditzy girls walking around in high heels and fancy clothes, nicely dressed guys that were the gamblers of the city, missionary people from the Save A Soul Missionary, a lieutenant in a brown overcoat and some famous people getting their picture taken. The gamblers and Nathan Detroit got together to scheme a craps game together. Lieutenant Brannigan followed them and told them that they better not be planning on having a craps game in his town because he will catch them. Sky Masterson one of the best craps players in the city of New York comes to town and meet up with Nathan Detroit. Nathan always trying to make a bet to make quick cash came up with a idea to bet Sky that he cant find a doll that would go to Havana with him. Sky meets Sarah Brown who is the leader of the missionary at Save A Soul Missionary and convinces her to go with him. They end up going to Havana and Sarah finds herself falling in love with a sinner (Sky). In the meantime Miss Adelaide is trying to convince her fiancé that it is time to get married, since they have been engaged for 14 years. The missionary is on the verge of getting shut down, unless they get a dozen or more sinners to come to a meeting. The idea of getting a dozen or more sinners to a meeting was that Sarah Brown had to go to dinner with Sky Masterson. Then Nathan Detroit finally got the Craps game together in the sewers of New York. Nicely Nicely Johnson took Sky to the Craps game and that’s when he bet the gamblers their souls versus a missionary meeting if he won. If he lost he would give each person a thousand dollars. He won and the twelve gamblers and the town people went to the missionary. The missionary ended up staying open. Sky and Sarah fall in love and get married and Adelaide and Nathan finally get married after 14 years of engagement. The theme that this play is trying to get across to others is that good and bad can fall in love and be good for each other. Just because someone does something bad doesn’t make them a bad person. Everyone can change for the better. The lighting on the stage was orange light coming from left stage, and white light coming from right stage. When there was only one of two people on the stage the lights were only coming from the side lights. When someone was singing a solo the spot light from above shone on them. The costume design fit every character very well. The gamblers all had matching suites of different colors such as orange, purple, green, blue, pink, and yellow. As you can see they were all very bright in color so it made it easy for me to pick them out of the play. The missionary all wore the burgundy looking band outfits. At my high school our band outfits looked