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Brian O'Connor
English comp 1

The Music Industry

English comp 1

Today’s youth is highly influenced by the entertainment industry. Weather its video games music videos or TV. The creators and the CEO of these corporate media industry’s pray on children of a very influential age and social status. Although children of this age are assumed to have at least some level of responsibility. But if all you see is a extremely negative life filled with drugs death prostitution and gang activity it is hard for a kid in his early teenage years. Especially if you in a lower class neighborhood that this is not a lifestyle that pays off even a little. Name me one retired crack dealer … that’s what I thought that’s because that sort of thing doesn’t exist but in today’s music industry certain rappers portray he life of famous drug dealers and pass it off as there own life.

If you know someone between the ages of nine and above you have defiantly heard of the grand theft auto series. A game where the main objective is to kill steal and sell drugs. What kind of message is that sending to the kids. In my opinion this game has no moral values. Some kids spend more hours playing video games than they do at school. It is a form of brain washing when these kids don’t see daylight for days sometimes. It can warp a persons concept of reality. It has been argued that this game influenced the Columbine shootings. Murder prostitution and drug dealers are prevalent thought this whole game. I wonder if rockstar cares about the young lives they impact on a daily basis?

I believe there is a certain age where you’re old enough to make most decisions on your own but you still need major guidance. The FCC relies on game ratings and parental advisory stickers are the only line of defense our kids have in the mainstream. How well are these rules even enforced? When I was thirteen years old the first rap CD I have ever bought was old dirty bastard and for no particular reason at that. I was under the legal age to buy this parental advisory sticker CD. So I went up to the register expecting to get rejected. And it went through no problem. When I look back on this incident I am very disgusted with the content of this CD. When rappers talk about selling guns and drugs they either don’t realize or don’t care that they have millions of kids that idolize them and try to imitate there every action. Then these kids get caught up in a life that there not prepared for. If more kids listen to conscience rapers like mackelmore or Lupe fiasco there might be a chance. Or perhaps some of these other artists should take a not out of these brilliant artists books and rap about something positive for once.

If you’ve turned on a TV anytime in the past five to ten years you’ve seen some of the filth that’s on TV these days. From Jersey shore to Two and a Half Men the glorification of alcoholism and promiscuity is utterly disgusting. If you go to your local mall you see little girls that dress like snooki which is inappropriate for a girl snookis age never mind a 12 year old. If you think the way to become rich is to go to the club every night till 6am then sleep all day and think that somehow your going to be rich and famous. I am sorry it just doesn’t work that way. And for these celebrities that did make it the part of their career that is highlighted is never the hard work that leads to the top its one of those grass is greener situations.

I Remember a time where the word ass was not heard on television now there are shows that are completely uncensored if your in a certain time block. I would have to say it was either Bevis and Butthead or South park that sort of broke the barrier and broke all the rules set by the FCC. It is surely a miracle that shows like family guy and south park are still on the air. They are constantly pushing the limits to what is acceptable to be