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Classical Music, a Timeless Treasure Classical music is one of the few timeless genres of music that is in our lives today. Ever since the origination of this genre, the fan base has done nothing but grows in number. The amount of classical music fans has always been a large number, but with the help of various music organizations and clubs, the knowledge of classical music has grown to many areas of America. Having six different branches, 15,000 students currently, a budget of an outstanding $8 million, and 300,000 alumni, The Settlement Music School is a wonderful organization that’s been around for almost one hundred years, yet remains almost obscure. The music settlement movement originated in England around the year of 1880 and was finally brought into America by Jane Addams, who was also the first American woman to receive a Nobel Peace Prize. The Hull House, located in Chicago, is her most famous settlement that she’s known for. Their main goal of the Settlement School was to spread musical appreciation throughout America. Launching in 1931, The Metropolitan Opera’s Saturday matinee broadcasts are the longest-running classical music program in all of radio history. On December 8th of 2012, the Metropolitan Opera International Radio Broadcast will kick off its 82nd season. The broadcasts are currently being heard on over 300 different radio stations in the United States and in 40 different countries on five continents. The first broadcast of this network was aired on Christmas day in 1931. It was created to enlarge the audience and support through national exposure to network radio. Having these radio broadcasts gives people an option to experience the life of opera and classical music, even if they aren’t able to actually go and see one live. This way, everyone can experience the richness of the classical music genre, wherever they want to. Another music organization was the Friday Morning Music Club. The Friday Morning Music Club was devoted to giving people from different communities the opportunity to enjoy classical music. The Friday Morning Music Club was first started in 1886 with just a small group made up of fifteen women. During 1946 to 1947, the club established the foundation so they were able to provide money to aspiring young musicians to help them get started on their dreams of being big time musicians. The Friday Morning Music Club was all about promoting the music and the talent. They also had the belief that it gives the music performers a chance for an outlet to express their raw talents. This club has been promoting music in the Washington area for almost 120 years and they are able to do outreach programs. These outreach programs were designed to give people the enjoyment of being able to hear classical music being played beautifully. Some of the outreach programs they take part in are doing outreach recitals and senior centers and by doing musicals in-home. The Ladies Musical Club of Seattle is another important organization that helped spread classical music through the community. The Ladies Musical Club was