Music: Music and Structure Essay

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Essay 1 Structure and organization are essential in almost everything is this world. With out organization or structure we would all be lost and have no idea what was going on in this world. Such as, we would miss our airplane flights, doctor appointments, and school classes. Everything we do as human beings has some type of structure to it. So that being said structure and organization is an essential element in the arts. Music is very structured in the way you sing certain notes or the way that band is positioned. When you go to a concert or even when you just watched the high school band play, without the structure of music the band members would not be playing all together and on key. No matter how a certain person lives there life there is always some kind of structure in the way they live it. Some people live their lives more organized then others and I would consider the more organized live more of a successful form of life. Even though some people are not all that organized their lives still have structure by the certain ways they do things. Either way though life has to have some kind of structure in it to even be able to survive in this world. For example a child needs structure and organization to be able to perform well in school, sports, or just to know how to behave. Children need to have a certain bedtime, mealtime, bath time (etc.) they have to have a certain structure because the children who don’t have structure