Essay on Music: Music and Younger Generation

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My choice of music is Changes by Tupac Shukar; Compsed by Shock G. This song is about him trying to make changes in his life. The message that he is relaying is that it is hard growing up poor and black and commenting on the fact that the police does not seem to particularly care one way or another what happens within the black community. The song also mentions how he was considering suicide as a viable option to the hell hole and that his life had become surrounded by drugs and gangs. Changes also refers to the hardships of black people, especially police violence against them. The chorus of the song says “That’s just the way it is; Things will never be the same,” meaning the black community will be the same until black people change it themselves, instead of waiting for other people to intrude. Tupac stated to media, “It’s time for us as a people to make a change. Let’s change the way we eat, change the way we live, and change the way we treat others.” This is true in so many different ways. Not only black people, but the world as a whole. If the world changed their bad eating habits, we wouldn’t have to worry about child obesity and diseases such as diabetes and people would probably live much longer. If people would change the way they live , then maybe there would be more job opportunities and more advancement in institutions of college ranking courses leading to degrees. If people would treat people the way they would want to be treated, they would be less robbing, murders and criminal activities. Music is very valuable in society because it reaches out to people. Sometimes people listen to music based on the situations and flaws in their life. Shukar’s Changes informs us about the world. If music today was more informative instead of violent, the world be a much more better place because the generation today listens to music all the time. Music is everywhere; For example, music is on videogames, radios, the internet, phones and even different places such as nightclubs which attracts the younger generation’s mind. If there were more positive messages in music such as getting an education instead of possession of money, cars and clothes; maybe the society would focus more on getting on the path towards success