Music Of The Heart Analysis

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Music of the Heart is a film created on 1999. It is based on a true story of the life of Roberta Guaspari. It starts with Roberta’s husband running off with her best friend, leaving her with two boys, depressed and without a job. Roberta later established a violin program in an elementary school located in a tough part of New York, in East Harlem where most of the families where low income and there was a high violance rate. Many people, including the student's parents were skeptical about the students learning violin. Ultimately, they all were speechless when they heard the children playing harmoniously in the school concert. After ten years of starting her violin program, Roberta became well known and her program was even offered in three …show more content…
It is a mistake because there are studies that demonstrate the idea of student engagement with arts causes an increment in their academic achievements. For example, in the article named The power of music: Its impact on the intellectual, social and personal development of children and young people, it was displayed that “data relating to over 13,000 students from the National Centre for Educational Statistics, Morrison (1994) reported that high-school students who participated in music reported higher grades in English, maths, history and science than those who did not participate.” (Hallman, p.276, 2010). In the movie Music from the Heart, there was a scene where all of the parents and teachers gathered around to talk about the violin program getting shut down and they all expressed their gratefulness on the impact the program has cause on the students. A particular parent even stated that “Simon is our third child to be with Roberta. James is pre-med, April is valedictorian; now that says something” (1:29:20), which shows the idea of the students that took the violin class ended up achieve educational