Music: Personality Psychology and Telescope Effect Essay

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1. “Calling home” times
Fabulous day, at Christmas, two days, on the way, this day, the latest, where, but since, thirty minutes, once, moment, when suddenly, never before, then, ten minutes later, already, again, long after, while, at that moment.

2. Naming & Detailing
Perfect ice ball, yellow house, new snow, full of snow, perfectly white snow, perfectly spherical, soft snowball, wide black door, low tree, messy winter trees.

3. “”Shyness”
P.146> #1. She describe for more precisely definition of shyness and introversion by the phrase between dashes. #4. I thoroughly understand about the shyness. The shyness or introversion is not disorder. It’s just background of personality. She said shy and introverted people have been part of our species for a very long time, often in leadership positions. Its mean shy or introvert is not different with other non-shy people. They are not just normal. They are valuable.
P.147> #2. She is being contrasted with introversion and extroversion. She is support writing about introversion are not disorder. So, this word (introversion) is contrasted with opposite word (extroversion). #3. This writing is “Explaining a concept” essay. She argues “shyness: evolutionary tactic?” This topic is many need of contrast with others.
P.148> #3. I think the cause that writer often begin by stating their own idea or idea from source, are usually easy to understanding for reader. If writer quote the example source or research source, the reader more understand that author’s writing intention.

4. News Article

PARIS – shock over France’s recent expulsion of a 19-year-old Armenian student and a 15-year-old Kosovar girl, whom the police took off a school bus so that she and her family could be sent back to Kosovo, gathered momentum on Thursday with protests by students condemning the deportations and calling for the resignation of the interior minister.
Most of the Roma, a minority of 20,000 in France, come from Bulgaria and Romania and live on the outskirts of cities, often on makeshift camps, and they sometimes travel from place to place. Some have been accused of running criminal gangs of young girls and children who prey on tourists, especially in Paris, Marseille and Lyons.
Despite the pervasive image here of the Roma as petty criminals and pickpockets, it did not reflect the siuation of Ms. Dibrani, who was force to get off a school bus and into a police car in front of her classmates, leaving some thinking that she had committed a crime, her teachers said.

Ms. Dibrani had lived in France for nearly five years and spoke “perfect French” said her teachers, who wrote an open letter of protest over the incident that was posted online by the Network for Education Without Borders, a group that defends the right of immigrant children to study in France.
“We are profoundly shocked by methods used to send back the children of the Roma minority to countries they do not know and where they cannot speak the language,” wrote the teachers, from the 2 immigrant