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The short film Cyber Crime- World War 3.0 discusses the very real threat of cyber terrorism and war fare that is becoming increasingly common as our technology advances. In the last twenty years significant advances in global networking and technology have advanced rapidly. Today most Americans rely on technology a great deal in everyday life. Many American occupations depend upon technology in one aspect or another. Not to mention the advances in cellular and portable computing devices is no longer a rarity but the norm. Since September 11th 2001 The United States has become increasingly aware of terrorism against our nation and around the globe. Today there is a new form of terrorism and crime that is taking place, not on our soil or in a foreign land but amongst the vast expanse that is the internet. This film explores some of the difficulties the government and other agencies face in trying to combat these international predators, and what can be done to stop them. One, if not the most dangerous form of, cybercrime is cyber terrorism. As the film states: “Cyber Terrorism is the coming together of Terrorism and Cyberspace.” It goes on to explain that all a terrorist needs is simply a computer and an internet connection. Once they are online they can infiltrate certain firewalls and protection systems depending on how skilled of a hacker they are. Even if they are not well versed in computer language they can learn to install a virus into a network by simply infecting a single computer. A terrorist can cause havoc and mayhem remotely without having to sacrifice their own life or reveal their identity. It is truly a scary concept to imagine. However the United States government has committed various resources and agencies to the protection of our national networks and internet servers. The FBI and more specifically the NIPC spearhead the task of protecting America’s networks. A Cyber Attack is the use of technology or a virus to cripple or engage a certain network or database. One of the most well-known Cyber Attacks is that of Estonia which took place in 2007. This attack was aimed at the small nation of Estonia. This small country is very highly technologized and was prone to an attack. When the government decided to move a prominent Russian statue the response was all but positive. Russians living in Estonia revolted and decided to attack the nation the best way they could; with a computer virus. Hackers attacked the countries national infrastructure as well as bank networks, school websites, and various other online entities. This incident significantly crippled the nation which was in no way prepared for such an attack. The Estonian government has since developed fire walls and protection for their network infrastructure. Due to the massive expansive of internet networking today remote attacks are easily feasible from a great distance. As long as the hacker has the expertise and knowledge to connect to a data center remotely great mayhem can be caused from anywhere. Hackers from China are consistently breaking into databases and networks here in the United States in order to obtain information that they may sell or use themselves. The Black Market for data is at an all-time high, and sellers of such information obtain most of it thru hacking. The Chinese use malware and other trickery in order to get this information then they will sell it on the black market for a profit. This Black Market does not only include data for sale but also viruses that one can unleash on a certain computer. It also offers information on how to hack for the not so tech-savvy of criminals. While the Chinese government claims to condemn these acts many believe that they are actually directly responsible for the hacking taking place. One reason this is widely believed is that the Chinese government retains control over their nation’s internet yet does seemingly nothing about the