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Introduction: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, judges, timekeeper and my most honorable opponents. We’re here today to present to you our perspective on the free music distribution on the internet, a subject very close to our personal lives. We believe that digital music should freely distributed around the internet for everyone to share and download. BIRT we allow free distribution of music on the Internet. Thank you.

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Internet A vast computer network linking smaller computer networksworldwide (usually preceded by the ). The Internet includescommercial, educational, governmental, and other networks, all ofwhich use the same set of communications protocols.China’s Century: is a neologism referring to the possibility that the 21st century will be dominated by the People's Republic of China, similarly to how the 20th century is often called the American Century, and the 19th century the British Century Download: To transfer (software, data, character sets, etc.) from a distantto a nearby computer, from a larger to a smaller computer, or froma computer to a peripheral device.
Caseline/Theme: Our theme for this debate is that the free distribution of music must stand, for the tremendous effect it has on billions of people for the past two decades. I will be presenting to you the profit free music renders for the artists, and the while Michelle will discuss the pleasure, and convenience it gives to the crowd.
If I were to ask everyone right now, who here, owns a computer, and have used it to go on the internet? If there was to be an answer, probably everyone here has. The Internet is only a developing tool that we have been familiarized with for the past two decades, but now affects the lives of billions. So imagine now, just by contrast, the influence of music that has flowed throughout the ages. People have shared the love for music for several millenniums and millenniums to come. So there should be little wonder that we are willing to download our favorite songs online. Even though music has been on the Internet for five or so years, it is already become one of the main reasons for people to get online
Yet for the recent years, the combination of music and the Internet has caused a great controversy for no good reason. The two parties that should be concerned with this: the Internet users who download music, and the artists and their record companies have not only not been harmed but it benefits for both the artist and audience.
For example, artists, who may either be popular or not, don't have to pay for excessive pressing or artwork printing, which make up the pile of money associated with releasing a record. All the artist would need for a digital release is a website set up that is able to handle the download demands for your album.
Financially, the artist does not lose as much as you would think. Most of their money actually comes from their concerts, merchandise or radio. Not to mention the fact that, if released as an album, the artist would have to share the profits with a physical distributor and a store which limits the amount of dollars the artist may get.
The artist also can get a tremendous amount of popularity from the up loadings of music on the Internet. Not only do the less famous artists have much more chances to expose their music to the public. Other artists also market themselves on various free online websites such as YouTube. By distributing free music online, music is getting out there and being heard, even though the artists are not receiving any money for it. They are basically getting their names out there and in return receiving money from things such as concerts, etc.
This leads to another point, one of the important features that have lead to the success and popularity of downloading