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For thousands of years people have enjoyed the many different sounds of music. Since the days of the primitive man music has stimulated people through their ears. Music is forever changing with the way of the world. Music evolves with the people that listen to it and compose it. The more society changes the music that is made will reflect. It’s hard to give a solid definition to what music is from person- to-person, because music flows through peoples ears in a different way. One could say music is hard to give an actual definition to music because of its standard definition, personal view, and constant evolution, but it can be generalized in a sense. Music is one of the most diverse forms of art in the world. There is not just one form of music that can be heard and enjoyed. The word music is defined according to as “the art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through elements” ( One could argue that music is more than that once you go deeper into the meaning. Most people would call music a collection of sounds that they enjoy, but the collection of sounds that they are fond of could be heard by somebody else and be viewed as nothing more than an annoying noise. Personal preference plays a great part in the way people look at music. If a person who enjoys hip-hop music was to listen to a song written by a country artist that contains a message that the hip-hop fan would enjoy there is a great chance that they would not feel very strong about the song because of their preference. Regardless of how one person feels about a certain genre of music, that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is still music. Some people enjoy the simple sound of rain or static to be played throughout their home as a form of meditation. These are two thing that did not start out as music, but the people enjoy the sounds have made it that. Music is a great way to express feelings in a way that just speaking cannot. A person can get an entire generation to sway their lifestyle with a trendy song. Since music was established it was a clear depiction of the way the world was set up at the time if its composition.
Music has been around since the beginning of time. It’s almost impossible to say when the first actually music was made. The Origin of the word comes from the Greek word muse which was a personification of all the arts. In the Middle Ages