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Music Review: “‘Till I Collapse” I will collapse before I stop listening to this song. I can’t listen to this song without nodding my head. Filled with so many rhyme schemes, this song has rhyme schemes overlap each other. In the first verse alone, there are 119 words out of 158 that form part of a rhyme scheme. Very few songs have matched the creativity created in this song. The overall theme of ‘Till I Collapse introduces Eminem stating that he won’t stop rapping until the day he collapses. Though most people don’t rap, they can have the same feeling that they won’t stop doing their favorite thing in life until they collapse. The listener gets the sense that Eminem’s mood in this song is angry because he will never get the props he deserves. He doesn’t get the props he deserves because he’s white and has to prove himself more than an African American rapper. Eminem says that people believe a majority of the rappers are better than him. This song has personal meaning to Eminem, “A plaque and platinum status is whack if I’m not the baddest.” Eminem is about respect, and if he doesn’t get it soon he will collapse. Present day rappers like Lil Wayne tend to rap about utter nonsense like: sex, drugs, and money. This song shows the passion Eminem has for rap; he enjoys it like nothing else. “Till I collapse I’m spilling these raps long as you feel em Till the day I drop.” He explains that he will keep rapping “till” the day he dies. The little touches