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Krystal Prasad
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21 April 2015
Chapter 20 & 21
Chapter 20
1. What country produced most progressive rock and why?
England because they were more aware of the European art music tradition.
2. Describe the mechanics of the Mellotron, the instrument that was so important to so many progressive rock bands
It had orchestral textures.
3. What are the different contexts for a rock/classical fusion respectively by the Moody Blues and Yes?
It is like Plugging a rock band, with little or no classical training, into an orchestral setting which results in two disparate styles occurring either alternately or simultaneously.
4. What classical works got a rock adaptation from Emerson, Lake and Palmer? What were ELP’s own compositions like?
Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos were the classical rocks. It included classical models and rock adaptations.
5. Frank Zappa’s music seemed humorous and strange to many of his listeners. What is a more realistic view of his music?
It was more satirical and obscene.
6. What are the individual characteristics of and influences on mento, ska, and rock steady procedures of reggae?
Mento was influenced by many African American and African Carribean styles. Ska was from mariachi bands and rock steady was from soul music.
7. What is the cultural background of reggae? How was it primarily disseminated?
Reggae was from the Rastafarians
8. What media events helped spread reggae beyond Jamaica? What other country was most receptive to reggae and why?
9. America was most Receptive to reggae because it was winning the hearts of many.
Chapter 21
1. What was different about the rock and record business in the 1970’s?
There was a fragmentation in society.
2. In what ways, theatrically or musically, do heavy metal bands satisfy the psyche of the male teen?
It is loud and aggressive.
3. What is the difference between the stage routines and musical imagery of American Heavy metal bands and the British heavy metal bands?
American rock music was more contemporary.
4. What