Music Summary 3 Essay

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Nory Solares
Music 8
Brodbeck, D
20 April 2015

Mark Sullivan, “‘More Popular Than Jesus’: The Beatles and the Religious Far Right Author(s),” Popular Music 6/3 (October 1987): 313–26.

John Lennon >Jesus The reading begins with an introduction to what brought on the controversy of the Beatles being greater than Jesus. It is done so by introducing the quote that stared the problem that was said by John Lennon. The reading allow the reader to establish an understanding to how big of an issue was created by just words. it is clear, thought the many things that occurred from teen magazine covers, record burnings, revoked memberships, and stock dips, that John Lennon’s word made a huge impact on how The Beatles were seen. Later we are
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It seen to be that Sullivan is attempting to show us how Noebel focused on John Lennon and what he said being the evil he want to keep from young people. From the any things he published it is clear that his hatred in all was focused both on the Beatles themselves and rock and roll because he believed rock and roll entirely was corrupt, while there are others whom simply believe that this music can be cleaned and made better. However, this was then, now many of those apologists now argue that the rock they once loved and danced to themselves, is nothing like the rock now. This itself can be supported by where the text states, "has changed from the swinging of Elvis' hips and saying, 'I want you, I need you, I love you', to people like Blackie Lawless going around in his codpiece with a chainsaw between his legs singing, 'I F-U-C-K like a beast'. (Berry 1985)." (Sullivan 321) In all, many had different views, or ways of handling this dilemma of theirs, for they each poses a different idea/view on what time they want the world to become to. Overall, The reading leaves the reader questioning if the Beatles truly "put a generation of our people into the drug culture" and if there was a "detrimental effect of the Beatles" (Sullivan 323) Offering many