Music: The Count of Monte Cristo and Edmond Dantes Essay

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The Count of Monte Christo is an intricate story set in France during the turmoil of Napoleon Bonaparte. It is a tale based on obsession and revenge. Edmond Dantes is a young sailor with a promising future; however he was deceitfully accused of treason. Edmond Dantes was arrested on his wedding day and imprisoned on the island of Chateau D’if. Dantes had three enemies that put him in this situation. Fernand, also known as Count Mondego, was his personal enemy, Villefort was his political enemy, and Danglars was his professional enemy. The selfishness of these three men separated Dantes from his precious wife. After years of suffering from horrible conditions and fighting off thoughts of suicide in the dungeon, Dantes was able to escape and discover the treasure with the help of priest Abbe Faria. Disguised as the Count of Monte Cristo, Dantes had possession of great amount of money, honest friends, and immense knowledge to ruin the lives of those who destroyed his bright future. Edmond’s professional enemy Danglars is a greedy and envious person. When Edmond was promoted to be the captain, Danglars was furious and was very jealous of him. Therefore he felt like it would be best to get rid of Edmond, so he arrests Edmond for treason and sends him to the island of Chateau D’if. Now that Edmond has been arrested, Danglars has the chance to develop his business without competition. By the time Edmond escaped the island of Chateau D’if, Danglars has become a very wealthy man. Now that Edmond is out of prison, he plans to destroy Danglars’ life for accusing him of something he did not do. So Edmond sets up Danglars and makes him believe that he is going to steal the treasure that he found. However the policemen arrive and they confront Danglars. Danglars says that Fernand set him up, and he starts an attacking Edmond, but Edmond threw a rope around his neck, revealed his identity, and then threw him overboard, hanging him. Now Edmond has gotten revenge from his first enemy. Edmonds political enemy Villefort is an ambitious public prosecutor that was responsible for sentencing Edmond to life in prison. Edmond was given a letter from Napoleon to deliver to one of his friends in France. When Villefort asked who that person was, Edmond told him it was Monsieur Clarion. Monsieur Clarion is Villefort’s Father, and Villefort is humiliated from his father because he was a Bonapartist. Villefort has Fernand kill his father because he does not want people to find out that his father was a traitor. So because Edmond knows that the letter was meant for Monsieur Clarion, Villefort had to send him to the island of Chateau D’if to insure that he would stay in power. Edmond plans to seek his revenge by manipulating Villefort into confessing his crimes, and Fernand’s connection. While Villefort was in a steam house, Edmond entered, and turned up the steam heavily. He started questioning Villefort and asking him questions like, why he told Mercedes that Edmond was dead, why he changed his mind in Edmond's release, and why he helped kill Mr. Clarion. He told him that Fernand was the one who shot Clarion, and that he only helped with the plot. Edmond turned down the steam, to reveal several Policemen. He was thrown in the prison wagon, and sent to Chateau D’if. Now that Edmond has successfully gained revenge over the two enemies that ruined his life, there was only one more enemy to go. Edmond’s final enemy was his personal enemy Fernand, who is also known to be Count Mondego. This was the most satisfying revenge for Edmond. Edmond and Fernand were best friends, however Fernand has always been jealous from Edmond because he was always happy with what he had. Fernand always…