Essay on Music: Therapy and Music

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Music plays a very important part in our life’s and is connected inevitably with our emotions. There are many different types of music stretching from a wide range of pop music to complex classical operatic pieces. Throughout our daily life’s music impacts each and every one of us , either through our lifestyle or coincidence , in supermarkets , television or even simply being interested in it. But the one thing that separates you from everyone else, is that through music we are all affected in different ways.
At a personal level , it can control our emotions , it can make us happy , sad or even just make us look back to past memories . Either way our life’s would be worse off without music to impact on them. For me I have many memories which co inside with music and over the years I have always remembered particular songs being it from a funeral , a wedding or just a time well spent with friends. Today, I have been heavily influenced by the world of music , I don’t dislike many kinds of music but I feel each one has a memory for me. I have always loved The Beatles, The Smiths, Miles Kane and especially David Bowie. Music is heavily influential and it reflects the mood we are in, I’m sure, you are all like me and when certain music is played , you are reminded of a past event. I can also remember my brother who always studied with blaring music in the background, which I really hated, but as I look back on it now , he couldn’t study without it whereas me , I require utter silence. However had he not done this , I would never have been influenced into the kind of music I enjoy today and for that I am very grateful, despite the many years of misery. Although music has affected me in a very personal way , I feel the main reason to do with this , is how music overall influences you.
From the very beginning, music has influenced our life’s. I know that from my experience and I’m sure from yours as well, you will agree. Over the years music has developed and will continue too for many years to come. One of the many ways music has influenced us is that it has changed who we are as a person. I know that from listening to my genre of music ,I have changed , not just inside but mentally and socially. My sense of fashion and hairstyle have changed but also my outlook on life and my personality. From the very beginning , I was brought into a family who loved music and was so frantic about it , it has become a part of my life as well as theirs. Both of my two older brothers have been influenced by music but each have been touched in many different ways and have developed this change into a passion. From growing up in a house surrounded by music , I too have adopted this attitude in my very own personal way for myself. Although my immediate family is indeed filled inside by the joy of music, they are not alone, I am surrounded day after day by my friends who indeed share this desire for music, in their own unique way. However , I am not the only one to be influenced by music, many cultures have driven from their love and insight into music and have shared their music with everyone. Scotland’s culture is a very good example of this , each year we celebrate numerous events which have each been a tradition in Scotland for years; Burns night, Hogmanay and St Andrews day. Each of these is celebrated with music , we also have our national anthem , which evokes pride and excitement , all because of how the music influences our senses and stirs up our emotions. Although we are heavily influenced by music , it also has one unique quality which I’m sure many of you have never noticed before.
Music , as well as influencing us, it has impacted massively on our enjoyment of films and television. I bet many of you have never thought of what a film would be like without its music. Many years ago this was the case but if you compare that to nowadays then you’ll definitely see the improvements. Without music in films and television, we would not have