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Tyler Adams
10th grade grammar
Short essay

J-Cole: Crooked Smile

There are two different people living in the same city but coming from two different places. One was raised with a good life while the other is raised the opposite. Though they are basically opposites, they do have one thing in common; they both have daughters they love very much. The two men’s daughters also go to the same school and are friends, though the dads do not know each other. Both guys will do what they have to do to support their daughters. The man who was raised with a good childhood became a police officer. The man who was raised with a bad childhood was a drug dealer. Even though he was a drug dealer, he lived in a nice house on the nice part of town. The drug dealer just wants the best for his daughter. It is the birthday of the drug dealers’ daughter and he throws her a nice birthday party in their back yard. They sing her songs for her and have fun. Later on in the day when the party is over they all go to bed. Though, the policeman is directing his crew to do a drug bust at the drug dealer’s house and he is the commander. Everyone is sleeping and the cops come to the house and bust down the door. There are about five men who run in the house and they grab the girl’s father and start putting him in handcuffs. The girls hears the noise and wakes up. Her door is cracked open so she can kind of see what is going on. She opens her door and stands in the doorway as she watches them put her dad in handcuffs. The police do not see her and when a cop turns around he sees the