Musical Bridges Managerial Visit Analysis Essay

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On Monday, --------- --, I shadowed Dr. ---- ----------, the founder and artistic director of the nonprofit organization, Musical Bridges . The office is actually a new addition for the growing organization. Their office space not only functions as the creative hub for projects and meetings, but also as an art gallery and concert venue. I’ve known I’ve wanted to work for a nonprofit for a while and that inclination was solidified when I worked for a community center that provided services to low-income residents of the county. As a Music major, I’m a strong advocate for the development of education in the arts. I chose to shadow Dr. ---- ---------- because her organization combines the two areas I feel strongly about: service to the community and providing cultural and musical exposure to audiences of all ages.
1. Core Mission
Because Dr. ---- ---------- is the founder of MB, her mission is the core mission of the whole organization: To create one-of-a-kind, multicultural performances by world-class, internationally renowned classical, jazz, and ethnic folk musicians and performing artists, for the benefit of the public and at-risk youth, while fostering San Antonio’s reputation as a cosmopolitan cultural center and promoting tourism and development.
2. Organization Structure
Musical Bridges is departmentalized by function since it is a small organization with only a handful of paid employees. Given the nature of a nonprofit (spreading the word and selling your mission to others) it makes sense that the employees are structured to have similar job functions working to brand and promote the organization and its events.
3. Goals
One of her goals this year is to bring performances to 25 public schools, mainly Title I schools on the South side of San Antonio. Another goal of hers is to successfully start an annual music festival, starting with a partnership with the Trinity University Music Department next semester. These are just some of the goals the she has envisioned along with the efforts of her Board of Directors. She often listens to the ideas of her Board of Directors and Trustees in order to somehow bring life to projects that are near and dear to them.
4. Leadership
Her personal style of leadership would definitely be the Team Management style of Blake and Mouton’s Managerial Grid