Musical Characteristics Of Motown

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Rock and Roll is a musical genre of the 20th century, which established in the 1950s from the previously genre Jazz. Rock includes numerous sub-genres that had distinctive characteristics. Motown was initially a record label that developed into a genre of music. Motown is connected to with soul music as they have similar characteristics. Many artists had successful careers from this style of music, however, this essay will analyse a group called The Temptations who were well known and demonstrated the musical characteristics of Motown exceedingly well. Their song My Girl contains numerous features that will be explored and deliberated. This research task will outline the musical components of the genre Motown as well as the influences on it.

The record label, Motown originated in Detroit and allowed African Americans the opportunity to produce their own music that eventually became universally popular. During the 1960s African Americans faced racial conflict and discrimination. The record label, Motown helped African Americans to create their own style and it was exclusively for them therefore they came to be represented by this specific style of music. Artists that were involved in Motown included Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes and the Jackson 5. Each of the
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It provided many opportunities for African Americans to produce music, which lead to bringing together a racially divided country and society. The Temptations were a group of artists from the genre who demonstrated the musical characteristics of Motown which were, strong rhythm, close harmonies and numerous instruments. The original group had a very successful career with many popular hits. The group still continues to represent the genre and therefore contribute to rock music. Overall, Motown had many distinctive qualities and was one of the most popular genres listened to during the