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Merriam begins the reading addressing what ethno-musicology is and what it has ought to be. He explains how he and other authors have been working for more than 25 years to get this word acknowledged and that day has finally come. Merriam then starts discussing why this word is very important and needs to be implemented more than it was being used during that time; explaining how definition can be confusing and especially in other countries. After discussing what exactly ethno-musicology is to its readers Merriam starts to explain the different definitions of the word ethno-musicology itself and explains how people have dedicated their careers and lives to finding and defining ethnomusicology. Merriam ends the article giving his perspective of ethno-musicology and definitions starting that “The definitions of comparative musicology and ethnomusicology cited here reflect their eras and the thinking of their proponents, as is to be expected. But by looking at them in historic perspective, we learn something not only of the history of our field of study per se, but of its intellectual development as well. I have no doubt that new definitions of ethnomusicology will continue to be proposed and that they, too, will reflect the growing maturity of the field and its practitioners.”

This article did a good job at explaining to the readers what he was discussing and making it understandable to the readers as into that they were reading. He stuck to and talked about one