Analysis Of Dao De Jing

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Dao de Jing
The most prominent thought that I came to in terms of the Dao de Jing is how fair it seems. It acknowledges the constant flow of things and the interruptions involved and also some very reasonable stipulations on how to live a more fulfilling Life. That being said, my favorite part of Dao is the idea of Qi. I’ve been learning for a little while now how to connect and “harness” what was discussed as the Qi. I truly always thought of it as “the force” more or less; it’s an amazing thing that has brought about as much opportunity as I’ll ever be able to muster at any given moment. I never knew that it had such an understanding attached to it, as with Qi. I’ve done acupuncture two times now and both times were extremely beneficial. Also, since the first class on this book, I’ve been trying to figure out exactly how someone would go about only taking in energy to attain immortality. Compared to most of the other lectures, liberation seems to be centered on harmony, understanding, and action. That, to me, is a very bare bones structure of what Life seems insistent on teaching people the importance of.
The wei-wu-wei concept made a lot of sense to me in that it focuses on the effects of action/non-action and doing/not doing. Balance was frequently addressed and implied throughout the entire thing and I find it to be of great importance. Maintaining balance, therefore harmony can be attained, therefore influencing peace, which therefore maintains balance, etc. It…