Musical Taste Writing Assignment Essay

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Musical Taste Writing Assignment

Musical taste to me is determined from where you grow up in the world, who you grow up with and what kind of person you are. Throughout history music has changed in a big way. As Jacob of Liege said in 1425 “Music was originally discreet, seemly, simple, masculine, and of good morals. Have not the moderns rendered it lascivious beyond measure”. Which makes me think music was very calm and with meaningful lyrics back in these days. Then as we get to the 20th century we can hear all types of new music like hip hop, techno, R&B, country, rock, alternative, reggae, classical, and much more. Today’s modern age of music will include lots of different types of noises because of the new technology that comes with the years. In my opinion people like or dislike certain types of music because of the way it makes them feel. For instance, I like reggae when I’m chilling out with some friends because I like the lyrics and the chill beat that goes along with it. If I were to be working out I would go for some rap music because the lyrics are usually more upbeat and the beat is faster. Then again, I dislike some country songs because the beat isn’t my favorite and some certain songs make you more emotional than I would like to be.
I believe my musical taste was formed by my family, friends, and media. My brothers influenced my taste in music because they would play their music around the house and when I rode around with them in their cars. My mom would play music in the house as well, mainly Christian or classical music. Different friends throughout my life have changed my opinion on some genres. Media has as well because I use to always watch MTV which originally use to just be music videos all