Musical Therapy Intervention Plan

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Musical Therapy Intervention Plan
A preferred choice of music involved into musical therapy is provides the utmost benefits toward releasing negative prolonged stress. Musical therapy is known to decrease thoughts which lead to anxiety attacks, depression, and worthlessness. For the past month, I have implemented a musical therapy program, a program which helped motivate optimistic rationalizing. Moreover, within my stress intervention project, I planned on discerning on a type of music to implement into a beneficial musical therapy program just for me. Henceforth, within my stress intervention musical therapy project I selected four types of music to incorporate.
The types of music I selected into the stress intervention project is alternative rock music, pop music, country music and lastly, classical music. From my musical therapy program, I found listening to alternative rock provoked prideful rationalization within me. As for pop music, I felt an up building energy boost to enjoy staying active. For instance, pop music encouraged a positive flow of energy to accomplish any type of assignment and errands online. Besides, pop music I have found country music motivated me to possess a gratitude attitude. As for classical music, it has encouraged a full body calmness and relaxation. Therefore, from
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Incorporating country music produced self-care techniques such as mindfulness and gratitude. Country music encouraged me to reflect on life. Thus forth, country music helped me to appreciate the little things in life. Henceforth, I was encouraged to stay on task and give each day my best. Therefore, country music motivated upon me an optimistic frame of mind. Thus forth, I realized country music boosts me to not give up in life. Henceforth, I would enjoy country music whenever I feel a negative doubt about