Musky Research Paper

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Fresh Water Trophies The largest freshwater fish weighed eleven hundred pounds. That's a huge fish. The fishing industry has made millions of dollars over the years. Many of the trophy fish has a variety of fishing guides to catch these trophy fish. Many of the lakes and rivers has at lease one or two trophy fish species. The freshwater lakes and rivers hold many of the lakes and rivers hold many of trophy fish. The trophy fish include the musky, walleye, northern pike, largemouth bass, and the lake sturgeon. The musky is a very popular fish throughout the country. The musky has e same body structure as the northern pike. The musky has a very different behavior and abundance. "The musky is one of the worlds foremost game fish by virtue to its size,strength, and predatory habits, and also by virtue of its contrary nature"(Schultz). The habitat for a musky is a medium to large lakes and rivers of many sizes. The like cool water with both deep and shallow areas. The muskies food consist of yellow perch, suckers, golden shiners, and walleye are favored in there food. The musky is very aggressive and will not stop fighting. It is easy to …show more content…
The lake sturgeon is the continents largest and oldest freshwater monster. The sturgeon has a sleek shape with rows of bony plates on the sides looking like a torpedo. The lake sturgeon can reach six feet and weighing over two hundred pounds. The male sturgeon lives up to fifty five years and the female lives up to one hundred fifty years of age. The world record sturgeon weighed eleven hundred pounds and measured twelve feet, four inches. People call the sturgeon a living fossil, because they have lived more than one hundred and thirty five million years ago. In the late 1800's and into the 1900's a commercial fisheries brought four million pounds of young sturgeon a year to the Great Lakes. It is easy to see that the lake sturgeon is the largest and oldest freshwater