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HOW RELIGION SHAPES MY IDENTITY We all have at least one coming of age experience that shapes the people we permanently become. Whether it is an event or a lesson we have learned from somebody, these experiences contribute to the people we are today. As being a Muslim, the rules and regulations I must follow base the identity that makes up my character. Being a Muslim means I must be cautious of the words that come out of my mouth, be conservative in the way I think and physically look, and lower my gaze. When I talk to someone being respectful and thoughtful is essential. My culture and background also plays a major role in my everyday activities and actions. One of the main things that shape my identity is religion. The reason is because everything I do is based on the rules I have been taught by my parents. For example, some of the most important things are keeping my tongue clean by not swearing and being aware of the things I watch. Although my manners were taught by my parents, my religion also teaches me that I must respect others by not judging them. I also must treat them with nothing but kindness, even if the person has done something I dislike or don’t appreciate in any way. Also, I have to watch the type of friends I make because their behavior will reflect on me in either making me become a good or bad person. Their behavior will also determine the places I go to and the actions that I will make.
My religion gives me the limitations for the best. For example, the consumption of pork is not allowed because pigs are unhealthy and dirty animals. Also, religion spiritually brings me closer to God, in the five prayers I pray in different times of the day. I am also reminded of my purpose on this earth and of the blessings I have. I am taught how to be selfless as much as possible and to make a difference in the world. For example, it is mandatory to donate to the poor at least once a year and the whole point of fasting in the holy month of Ramadan is to experience the sacrifice some people have no choice of making because of the fact that they are poor. Another way religion has shaped my identity is my experience with the hijab.
My religion teaches me how to be conservative and how to respect myself as a woman. I cover myself to make it clear to others that they should not see me as an object. Wearing the hijab reminds me to be humble inside and out and it gives me pride in my religion. It lets the world see how my religion gives me the choice to express myself. It gives me a sense of self-respect, sophistication, and liberation. When wearing the hijab, I am rewarded with respect and lowered gazes. Hijab