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is islam Anti Semitic or anti Israel? Three year old child thinks muslims are apes and pigs, whilst merely only reciting the word of the koran. some of their media says jews are behind 9-11, the jews started the holocaust rumor to gain sympathy, the jews are worse than hitler. There was a man who solicited murder of jews based on the koran. He and his wife say that the jews took palestine using the bible, he also says that islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. she said zionists hide their identity to take over. in Lincoln for hundreds of years jews have been suffering from the myth the blood libel, the myth that jews use the blood of non jews for ritual sacrifice.
There is certain palestinian media that says quite bluntly “Jews are horrible kill them if you see them”.
The palestinian school students said that “the jews are cowards, they never honored an argument, and that there can be no peace with the jews.”
Dr. Mousa ,school curriculum director, says that there is no way 6 million jews were killed, that it was exaggerated and that he has proof.
Abdel Radzski he hesitated to accept that the holocaust and openly expressed his hatred for the jews over a meal.
Ghassan thinks that they should not change the muslim media because with the “horrible way the jews kill palestinians every day” the muslims should not be blamed.
There was a television show about the elders of the prophecy of zion the prophecy was extremely anti-semitic. this television show talked about blaming the jews for their problems he thinks that the show might suggest that their government is driven by anti-semitic intentions. The syrian defense officer wrote a bestselling book gorily describing the details of the blood libel rumor.
A man who has a movie that was accused of being about the blood libel said that it had to do with peace and harmony coming together. an Egyptian librarian is still debating with herself wether the palestinian threat is like classic anti-semitism or if it is a new type of modern anti-semitism.
In 610 mohammed experiences to spread beleif in god and proclaims himself a prophet koran koran rulebook on how to live ones life has many secrets gorily explains punishments. revealed by god to prophet of islam.
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114 chapters gods message to his created people, how to define ones morality, 1400 years old, town of mecca, open for interpretation, jewish and christain influences were mixed in. mohhamed the prophet had an average background, mom died at young age, became a merchant and ran a caravan. settled down with a widow who was also his employer. muslims worship facing mecca FIVE TIMES A DAY. in 610 mohhamed during one of his cave worships felt an intense pressure in his chest and heard “recite, recite” this is when the first verse of the koran is given to him. he like most prophets wanted nothing to do with it. over the next twenty or so years he was given the rest of the koran. the early verses were easy and simple and describeing monotheism. for the first few years he just shared these verses with his wife but he realised that he needed to share them with other people and he went to town square and started preaching. he proclaimed that the koran was the same as the torah and the new testament but in their own launguage. koran gave a summary of some stories like “remember what happened to jonah he was eaten by a whale”. poor enjoyed hearing “the rich need to give to poor and they should not be a higher power”. some opposed because he encoureged monotheism which would take away power from some in high up positions. they were prosecuted and beaten mohhamed was pretected by his wealth wife and unle but after he died his followers left mecca.
622 mohhameds fourtunes turned around. mohhamed and his family were taken to yathrimb or medina ,the city of the prophet, mohhamed becomes the leader of medina his verses he preached to people