Muslim Women

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Western Americans refuse to emegger from its Iron Cage rationalized bias and generalizations that Mulsim women are being oppresed Westwerns belive Muslims women represent Inequality Symbols in the West. This perception of Muslims women is pervasive and every where in the wests this prevailng thought in west is no Victoria Secret. Contrastly this is an extreme common misconception perpertatred by westerners lack of knowlge and misunderstanding of Muslism women . we will take a indpte up close look and anaylisis at why Westerns have been lead to beilvie this common misconcrption myth. There millions of westen Americans who think this., because of such ignorance We lose the preciuse gift these Mulsim women have to offer in terms the value of the cultural diversity . The West as a result of this discrimination…..
A. Topic sentence: Muslims women in Islamic Societies are not oppressed contrary to the popular belief of Western Americans that they are……

II. First main point: Why do Americans feel Muslims women are oppressed?
A. Support: Coverings, veils, scarves hijab or khimar, niqab.
B. Support: Media negative portrayal of Muslim women/ empirical sources. Interview
C. Support: Feminist Interpretation of Women's Rights in Islam

III. Second main point: Why Muslim women are not oppressed.
A. Support; Education /Employment
B. Support: Veiling as freedom of choice. Empirical sources. Interview.
C. Support: Political participation.

IV. Third main point: History of women in Islamic Society
A. Support: Religion
B. Support: Q’ uran
C. Support: Tradition vs. Culture

V. Conclusion: I focus on Addressing the misrepresentation and misconception in Islam concerning women.
A. Summarize my three main points.
B. Restate my topic.
C. I will revisit introduction or tie all ideas together.

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Ahmed, Akbar S., and Lawrence Rosen. Discovering Islam: Making Sense of Muslim History and Society.