The Effects Of Smoking On Children

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It is common knowledge that smoking is unhealthy and can cause problems not just for the average smoker but for nonsmokers to. But even with these facts, many people are still puffing away and smoking around other nonsmokers. Some anti-smoking ads are ineffective but there are many that are successful. The Chilean Corporation Against Cancer (CCAC) has put together a creative but simple advertisement of a young child that is probable three to four years of age, sitting alone in the dark, crying in pain and suffering, smoke entering ever orifice of his face and a bold slogan that says, smoking isn't just suicide. It's murder. This ad hopes to persuade smokers of the general public to not smoke around children and to see the pain, suffering and health effects that it can have on them but then again, this ad may also be offensive to smokers by making them look like a baby or child killer. Is second hand smoke bad for children? This is a question that shouldn't have to be asked. The CCAC is trying to put a point across to smokers with children, by showing how helpless, alone and vulnerable they are when exposed to cigarette smoke. The image of the ad clearly shows smoke entering every orifice of the young child's face and in a way the child is forced to breath in nothing but the cigarette smoke. Smokers have the choice to light up but does the child have this choice? This ad is very persuasive in showing the rights that the child doesn't have and in hopes to make the public realize that they should have the right to not breath in cigarette smoke. Smoking isn't just harmful but it can also make a nonsmoker feel pain and suffocation. The CCAC has put a lot of effort into making smokers see this and the suffering that cigarette smoke can have on children. The squinting of the child's eyes suggest that the smoke is burning his eyes and with the smoke covering his face suggest that the child is suffocating. The crying of the child shows the pain and suffering children go through. The CCAC wants smokers to realize what their children are feeling and hope they will feel guilty and change their ways. The message on the advertisement says,