Essay about Mustang or Camero?

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Mustang or Camero?
Clinton Lawrence
ENG325: Intermediate Composition
Instructor: Macy Dailey
March 4, 2013

Ever since General Motors built the first vehicle to compete with Henry Ford and the ford motor company, buyers have argued over which one was better. Back in those days the better car was the one that fell apart last and was the cheapest. However, in today’s consumer market the values have changed, and with change comes a sort of need for newer options and a good value for said options. "Creature Comfort" is one of the more common terms used to describe what a person wants in there vehicle and as it's called this it makes for a big priority for the manufacturer. The next item that a consumer might look for is the performance of the vehicle; the person who is buying the car wants a good performing machine that's going to give them a great value. Early consumers got to look at only one option when it came to certain aspects that we don’t see now, for instance they could choose from having a windshield or no windshield. Today the consumer gets to ponder over options like power windows and door locks, Air conditioning, Leather interior, CD players, and keyless entry systems.

Let us take a second to do an evaluation of the sports car market, let’s compare the infamous muscle that is behind the 1998 Ford Mustang and their counterpart the 1998 Chevrolet Camero. I have had the distinct pleasure of owning and racing both of these vehicles and made myself very fluent in both of there systems. The knowledge I have gained over the past years as a consumer and as a driver of both of these cars will prove that the Mustang is a much better buy than the Camero.

Let’s start things off within my evaluation by pinpointing one of the main aspects of a car that almost all consumers look at, gas mileage. Start off with the Camero Z28. This Chevy is the top of the line when it comes to Camero and was once one of the biggest performers of its class. The Z28 gets eighteen miles to the gallon in the city and twenty-nine on the highway. The Mustang Cobra R is the best Mustang put out by ford in my opinion, and is its best performer. The Cobra gets about twenty miles to the gallon in the city and thirty on the highway. This gives the Mustang the advantage in gas mileage, but not by much. The next aspect they’ll be searching for is the performance. This puts the two cars very close in statistic likeness. The mustang can be called the cheapest form when it gets 200 horsepower at 5,200 rpm; the Cobra R mustang is the…