Mutual Funds Essay

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Mutual Funds
Corrine Rogers Zane Rampulla
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What is a mutual fund ?
• You can purchase shares in a mutual fund if you do no choose to buy individual stocks. A mutual fund is an investment company that pools the money of investors and buys a collection of investments.

The Advantage of Expert Management
• Many investors lack the financial know-how to manage their own portfolio so professionals manage non-index. These professionals have dedicated careers to helping investors get the best risk-return according to their objectives.

Capital Gains
• Every time you sell a stock, you’re taxed n your gains. Taxing can become an annual event if you make a large amount of money of your stocks. Types of funds

Money Market funds
Bond/ Income funds
Equity funds
Global/ International Funds

Money Market funds
• A money market fund's purpose is to provide investors with a safe place to invest easily accessible cash-equivalent assets characterized as a low-risk, lowreturn investment.

Money Market funds (continued)
• Because of their relatively low returns, investors, such as those participating in employer-sponsored retirement plans, might not want to use money market funds as a long-term investment option.

Bond/ Income funds
• A type of mutual fund that emphasizes current income, either on a monthly or quarterly basis, as opposed to capital appreciation. Such funds hold a variety of government, municipal and corporate debt obligations, preferred stock, money market instruments, and dividend-paying stocks.

Equity funds/Stock funds (continued)
• An equity fund is a type of mutual fund or private investment fund that buys ownership in businesses. Many times, this ownership is in the form of publicly traded common stocks in well-known companies such as Coca-Cola or ExxonMobil.

Equity funds/Stock funds (continued)
• Other times, the ownership is the form of socalled private equity,…