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The Skeletal System
By Kelly Bucke

My 4 Clients

Michael Phelps
Age: 24

Rebecca Romero
Age: 29

Tom Daley
Age: 15

Philips Idowu
Triple Jumper
Age: 30

The Skeletal System

Labelled skeleton of all major bones.
Functions of the skeleton
Bones that make up the Axial skeleton
Structure of the Vertebral column
Vertebral Column.
How the vertebral column is made up
How bones grow.
Different types of bones.
Types of Joints
The Synovial Joints
Summary of movement at synovial Joints
Structure of a Synovial Joint
Types of movement taking place in synovial joints in Football, Golf & Swimming.
Long and short term effects of exercise on the body.

Skeletal System
The skeleton is made up of bones, joints and cartilage. When we are born the skeleton consists of 300 bones but as we grow some bones fuse together an example of this is the skull, which starts as separate bones then gradually as we grow they fuse together. An adult body contains 206 bones.
The bones form a framework which protects our vital organs, If we did not have this framework we would not be able to perform any type of movement, for example Walking, swimming and running.

Structure of Skeleton
Michael Phelps, Rebecca Romero, Tom Daley and Philips Idowu’s Skeleton is made up of the bones shown below.

Front view

Back View






Vertebral column

Tarsal phalanges Phalanges


Functions of the skeleton
• Shape: The skeleton provides a framework which gives us an individual shape. This is important for Michael Phelps because he uses his height to his advantage when he is swimming, his long arms and long legs helps him gain speed and power through the water.

• Protection: The skeleton protects the vital organs. An example is the rib cage which protects the lungs. Protection is important to Tom Daley because diving is a precision sport and if he miss times a dive and hits the water wrong then his vertebrae will protect his spinal cord.

• Movement: The skeleton is made up of bones and joints. Muscles are attached to the bones and when the muscles contract the bones move. Movement is important for Rebecca Romero, because as she pedals her bike her legs need to move at the knee and hip. • Support : The skeleton holds all the vital organs in position. For example the vertebral column keeps the body upright. Support is important for Philip’s Idowu because he needs his vertebral column to hold him upright as he sprints down the runway in triple jump. At the same time his heart and lungs are held in place by his rib cage.

• Blood Production : Bone marrow is a soft tissue found in the centre of the large hollow bones, examples are ribs, femur and vertebral column. It produces new blood cells. Blood production is important to Michael Phelps, Rebecca Romero, Tom
Daley and Philips Idowu because the red blood cells transport oxygen around the body.
White blood cells help to keep my clients healthy by fighting off infections.

Structure of the skeleton
Michael Phelps, Rebecca Romero, Tom Daley and Philips Idowu’s axial skeleton consists of the following bones.

• The skull/cranium is made up of different bones which are fused together. It protects the brain, eyes and ears.
• The Sternum is a flat bone at the front of the rib cage, it protects the heart and lungs.
• The Ribs There are twelve pairs of ribs. The rib cage protects the heart and lungs.
• Vertebral column This is known as the spine it is made up of 33 bones called vertebrae, it protects the spinal cord and supports the body

Structure of the Vertebral Column
My clients Michael Phelps, Rebecca Romero, Tom Daley and Philips Idowu all use the vertebral column whilst taking part in their chosen sport.
The vertebral column also called the spine or backbone is made up of 33 irregular shaped bones called…