My American Dream

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1. Dad, church, no drinks, no weapons, him being chased
a. This dream I had involved my dad primarily along with other common people on my life. We somehow ended up in this church, that was filled with only a few white people and the rest were black. This church had chairs that fold-up and were set in rows. People explained how there was no eating or drinks allowed in this church as well as no weapons. At this point in the dream I started getting really anxious and an uneasy feeling being in this church. My dad and I proceeded to leave and the next thing I knew we got split up and he was on one side of the street and I was on the other. I was watching him frantically run down his side of the street while I was running down mine. I was
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I kept screaming to him that he needed to come over to my side of the street, and would not stop until he did. Eventually he made it over to my side of the street and was safe and we both locked ourselves in a locker.
b. Initial interpretations: all the news in the world is getting to me, fear of losing my dad, fear of not having control of things
2. Hotel, Reno, Dad, Brother, Myself, Expensive
a. This dream I had involved my dad, brother, and myself. We had just entered Reno and it was nighttime. Reno did not look like Reno at all though. The buildings were very tall, much like downtown Denver. They streets were lit up with plenty of light and at times it felt like Vegas. We were trying to find a hotel to stay at for the night and showed up to this
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This dream involved a lot of people that went to my high school. In it I was in charge of running and being the main character in this play. We only somewhat practiced once before people came in and it was time to start. Getting up on stage I started with introductions and asked for any questions right away. One of the guys in the play next to me was my friend Austin and he proceeded to address Jordan, who had his hand raised and answer his question. Jordan proceeded to say that he had heard from Austin that Patch, my boyfriend, and I were no longer together and so his question was what I would say if he asked me out. I remember getting really red in the face on stage, but was also flattered by this question. I was also super confused at why my boyfriend and I were no longer together, because I knew we still were. Some “awwsss” were made in the crowd when he asked me and all eyes were on me waiting for an answer. I don’t remember if I ever gave him one but proceeded to start the show. Everyone seemed to know his or her lines besides me, but mine were engraved on my microphone I was using. I tried to read them off of that, but knew people could see me doing so, so I just started to make up my lines. My lines made no sense compared to everyone else’s, like they did not flow with what was going on in this play, that I think was for children and was about wild animals, but everyone in the audience was really into it. It was a short play, we all took our bows and