My Art: Exploring New Mediums And Transformation In Photography

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Ashley Busse

My artwork is exploring new mediums and transformation through photography.
This is a more in depth process in order to create a complex piece. Exploring transformations in random photography and projecting them onto a larger surface in order to create a new photo. Random photography is not necessarily intentional but coincidental. By adding a subject to the piece I am creating contrast to the photography.
This is an experimentation with projection and photography that I have altered. Also with the mediums being used such as light and photography this is ground for experimenting with new art forms. Creating a process through random photography. Whenever I was out and about on the weekend and i found myself staring out the window or off into the distance and just observing the pure simplicity of my view at that moment. At that moment I whipped out my camera to just snap a picture of it. It wasn't always necessarily with intention to take a picture of something but just to take it.
I also would observe the layout of things or the lighting. Street lights photograph a certain way when taken a certain way. By jolting or quickly moving the camera when taking the picture I came across a certain transformation. These photographs lead to photoshop. Stephanie Jung, who experiments with city landscape photography alters her photos by layering same opac images on top of each other. I was inspired by the way the outcome was so contrasting yet subtle that you could see the original photo.
She experiments with the formating and originality of the photo in order to create a new one. Another artist is Roger Felicia who experiments with formating of projections. While

incorporating the design from the photography he uses people as a canvas. The way the image stretches across the body it creates a whole new photo. My piece will be a display of the process of before and after the transformation.
Original photos displayed next the the transformed. All the edited photos that will be used and layered in order to make the new one and create a larger image to be projected. They consist of blurred light photography taken at night and are all altered using photoshop. These photos are a collection of random photos but are all taken outside. They will be a series of 3 sets of photos. The images will be printed. This display will