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Academic Advisor-person who helps you choose your course class..
Counselor-have any problems you may have.
Academic Probation-student maintaining satisfactory toward his/her educational objectives will be places on probation for a semster.
Academic Suspension-student will be placed on academic suspension if he/she does not maintain or achieve the GPA required.
Alumni-people have graduated from a institution.
ACT or SAT-american college test and scholastic aptitude test. a test given knowledge basic on any course classes.
Application-a paper that has to be filled out to registered in a institution.
Associate Degree-at least two years or no more than 4 years for college.
Bachelor's Degree-a undergraduate degree offered by four year college and universities
Bookstore-where the students go and purchase or get there books for there class.
Business office-responisible for all financial transactions.
Catalog-all types of information parents and students need to know about a school.
College-institution of higher education that grants degrees and certificates.
Commute-student who lives off campus or drive to school.
Course Numbers-all course indentified by number usually contatining 3 or 4 digits.
Drop and add-drop or add a class.
Enrollement-students choose classes each semster.
Fees-additional charges not included in the tution.
Final Exams-exams usually given during the last week of classes each semster.
Financial Aid-grants, scholarship or loans.
Full-Time Enrollment-enrolled in 12 or more credit hours in a semster.Enrolled in less than 12 credit hours a semster.
Honor Roll-GPA above a specified levels.
Major/Minor-middle of each semster midterms are given.
Pass/Fail Courses-courses that dont earn letter grades.
Registrar-responsible for the maintenance of all academic records.
Schedule of Classes- classes you have a semster.
Student Identification Card-a card given to identify who you are.
Syllabus-ouline of the important information going on about the course you are taken.
Textbooks-books required for a course you are taken,.
Transcript-a permanent academic record of a student at college.
Tuition-the amount paid for each credit hour of enrollment.
Undergraduate-student who is pursing either one,two, or four degree.
University-undergraduate, graduate, and professional colleges and offers degrees in each.
Withdrawal-students may be withdrawal from courses during a semster.

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Advanced Standing Credit- credit hours that a institution accepts towars a degree from courses that the student has earned elsewhere.
Acceptance-Institution if the decision to accepts the application is positive.
Admission-status granted to an applicant who meets the prescribed entrance requirements of the institution.
Associate of Applied Science Degree-students who successfully complete a proram designed to lead the individual directly into employment in a specific career.
CLEP-college level examination program
Concurrent Enrollment-student enroll and attent two educational institutions at the same time provided that certain criteria are met.
Credit Hours-courses taken in college are measured in terms of credit hours.
Curriculum-composed of those classes prescribed or outlines by an institution of