My Big Fat Greek Wedding Analysis

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There are many cultures around the globe that are each unique. Some are more similar than others, while some seem absolutely foreign to one another. In the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding (MBFGW), two cultures are shown: Greek and American. In the movie, viewers see many differences between the two cultures, like religion and food, yet there are also some similarities that appear, like divorce and arranged marriages.
Greek families are stereotypically loud and enormous. In My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Toula’s family is just that. She has “twenty seven first cousins, just [...] first cousins, alone” and in any scene with her whole family they fill all of the rooms on the first floor of her house (MBFGW, 2003). On the other hand, American families are usually smaller, like Ian’s family, Toula’s love interest in the movie. Ian is an only child and has only two cousins. Since Toula’s family is so big, and Greek, they are very rambunctious. Toula even says that her “cousins have two volumes, loud and louder” (MBFGW, 2003).
There is always dancing, singing, and eating at Toula’s family gatherings. However, since Ian’s
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In My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Toula is expected to “marry Greek, have Greek children, and work in the kitchen to fill the family bellies” (Overstreet, 2002). Ian is expected to follow in his father’s line of work and become a lawyer. Yet, both of them go against what their parents assumed of them. Ian becomes a teacher, not a lawyer, and Toula goes to college to get a technology degree, even though her father wants her to be raising a family. This rebellion shows a similarity between Greek and American cultures and how, although parents can expect things from their children, the children will not always fulfill those