My Big Fat Greek Wedding Anthro Essay

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Summary The movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is based on the Portokalos family. The Portokalos family is loud, loving, prideful, and incredibly invasive. The main character, Fortoula Portokalos (also known as Toula,) is a single, 30 year old Greek woman who lives with her parents, and younger brother in a Chicago Greek community. She works as a hostess at her parents family restaurant called Dancing Zorba's. Her appearance is highly symbolic of her current place in life – incredibly dull. However, this preceded the Cinderella-like transformation that came Toula's way. She enrolled in computer classes at the local college, much to her traditional fathers dismay, who believed a Greek woman's sole purposes in life is to “ …show more content…
He stated she should forgo school, and instead get married, and have children. In his opinion, women are to take care of the household and stay close to their maternal nature. In Ian's family, the atmosphere is entirely different. Ian's family is Caucasian-American, and both of his parents are lawyers. Through the textbook does not have much information on shared household headship, it does state that “Filipina women play a prominent role in income generation and budgetary control, and both partners share decision making. Thus, co-headship would be a more appropriate label.” (Miller, B.,Van Esterik,P., and Van Esterik, A., 2010, P.219.) Therefore, it seems as if many of today's American's fit in with the Fillipino mindset of household equality. It also appears, through previous class discussions, that a “Co-headship” is a more modern, westernized approach to home life. In the section of the textbook that explains Kinship, it is stated that “Depending on the cultural context, various kinds of kinship systems shape children's personality development, influence marriage options, and affect the care of the aged.” (Miller, B.,Van Esterik,P., and Van Esterik, A., 2010, P.202.) In response to the raising of a child effecting marriage options, it is entirely displayed in the movie with the Portokolos family. Toula was raised to be well