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My Black History Month report is going to be about Thurgood Marshall. Thurgood Marshall was born on July 2 1908 in Baltimore Maryland. Thurgood Marshall attended Frederick Douglass high school in Baltimore and was placed in the class with the class with the best students. Thurgood Marshall loved to play tricks on his teacher and classmates. Then he graduated a year early in 1925 with a b – grade average and placed in the top here students of his class. Then Thurgood Marshall went to Lincoln University to study to become a dentist. Some time later he decided he wanted to study home town laws but he did not apply because of the schools segregation policy. So then he went to Howard University. To this day we will still remember Thurgood Marshall because he was the first black American member of the Supreme Court in 1961!
Thurgood Marshalls childhood was very hard because of all the segregation. It was difficult for him because of the color he was and how he looked. In addition through Thurgood Marshalls childhood he was always punished because he loved to play pranks on people. Thurgood Marshall Education was good because he went to many good schools in his time. Most of Thurgood Marshalls schools were in Baltimore, Maryland. He also went to two different Universities –Lincoln University and Howard University. Thurgood Marshall Interest in life was to be a member of a supreme court. Since he was young he thought about being a judge at a supreme court. At first he wanted to be a dentist and a medical doctor but a judge seem more interesting to him. Later on in his life he married Vivian “Buster” Burey. Then Thurgood Marshalls wife Vivian had died from cancer. Then