My Boyfriend Is Supernatural Essay

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My boyfriend is supernatural
By: Kayla Evans

Chapter one.
Have you ever met a boy that you like some much you didn’t care about his flaws or how he may be? You might want to think that over because your life will change forever. This story is about how I gain eternal life with my eternal lover.
My name is Koumi, Koumi shin. I use to live in japan Tokyo city. There people called miss match girl, especially in school. No it’s not because I wear miss match clothes or wore miss match socks. It was because of my miss match eye color. One of my eyes was a deep gray color, like smoke. And the other was a hazel green color. People told me my eyes were ugly and that I should wear glasses. I was not welcome at home either. Since day one my mother and father shun me. My mother was the one who freaked out the most when I was born. My eyes were different and my hair was blonde none of that existed in japan unless you wore a wig and some contacts. She even asked the nurse was I the right baby. To make sure I was their child they ran a D.N.A test with my father and me and it came back positive. They tried their best to lose me but I just come back knowing they would blame me for getting lost. I was 14 in the year 2021 when I and my family were on a trip in the woods. Dad told me to go get fire wood when it was dark but I went anyways. Scared I gather as much as I can but then suddenly it started to rain so i looked for a nearby cave to take refuge. It was a bad rain storm and I was so scared that I felt myself shaken with fear. Then I heard a voice other than mine in the cave. “It’s too loud.” from the shadows it was a boy. A boy that looked like a year or 2 older than me. With hair as black as ebony and one eye that shined like green emeralds and the other shined like a red ruby. In his hand was a tattered teddy bear. He was a little scrawny and his clothes were tattered. He had cuts and bruises like he’s been here for a while.
“W...Who are you?!” the boy stepped closer to me with a wide grin. “That’s a pretty set of eyes you got there” he grabbed my face and kiss both of my eyes and looked me in the eye. Then I noticed I wasn’t the only one with miss match eyes. Then suddenly he tosses me on his shoulders and carries me deeper into the cave. I struggle for him to drop me but then he threw me on a pile of fur milts. I was scared but then light emitted from his hands. I notice he was making fire with his hand and threw the light ball in an isolated pile of dry grass. He sat down next to me and smiled at me. “So why are you out here?” I covered one of my eyes and looked at him. He removed my hand from my eye and looked deep into my deep gray eye. “So your eye changes color huh?” I nodded my head to respond. Then suddenly his smile disappeared and he looked away into the distance. “You know you’re not the only one whose eye changes color.” He turned to me and his red eye grew into a dark crimson color. I was so stunned that my hand moved on its own and touches his crimson blood eye. Then my eye turned the same color as his green emerald eye. “You can stay here for the night but leave in the morning.” He waves my hand away from his eye and lay on the fur milts next to me. I rapped myself to keep myself warm since the fire wasn’t helping at all.
The next morning I returned to the camp site with the boy but no one was there I was left behind. My family and I did have problems with each other’s, but too leave me in the woods is too cruel to a child. I fell to my knees. Tears suddenly fell from my eyes. The boy tapped on my shoulder and handed me the little tattered teddy bear. “I’m too old for this anyway plus your alone, right?” i grabbed the teddy bear and squeezed it tight in my arms. “Thank you” was the words that escaped from my mouth. “Oh and the name is Yuuri. As of right now your indebt to me.” I looked up to the boy who claimed his name was Yuuri and he stared back. He looked at me as if asking for my name. “M…my name is